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Corporate Overview

Yintech Investment Holdings Limited (“Yintech” or “we”,"银科投资控股有限公司"in Chinese) is the largest online provider of spot commodity trading services in China by customer trading volume in both 2014 and 2015, according to Euromonitor. We currently facilitate the trading by individual customers of silver, gold and other precious metals and commodities on three leading exchanges, namely the Shanghai Gold Exchange, the Tianjin Precious Metals Exchange and the Guangdong Precious Metals Exchange, which were the three largest spot commodity exchanges in China in terms of trading volume in 2015, respectively.

Our Services

We provide our customers with comprehensive services, including account opening, investor education, market information, research, live discussion boards and real-time customer support. Most services are delivered online through our proprietary client software and call center, and we do not operate physical branches. Our client software provides not only market information and analysis, but also interactive functions including live discussion boards and instant messaging with customer service representatives, which we believe enhance our customers’ engagement. Internally, we collect and analyze customer behavior and communications data from our client software, customer relationship management system and the exchanges, which allow us to better understand, attract and serve our customers.

Our History

Thanks to our efficient and scalable operating model, we have a track record of becoming market leader in a relatively short period after we commenced operation on an exchange. We commenced operation on the Tianjin Precious Metals Exchange in July 2011 and our customer trading volume was the largest among all service providers on the exchange since 2012. We expanded our operation to the Guangdong Precious Metals Exchange in August 2013 and our customer trading volume ranked, among all service providers, No. 7 in 2014, No. 3 in the first nine months of 2015 and No. 1 since the fourth quarter of 2015. Our customer trading volume on the Shanghai Gold Exchange has been growing rapidly since our recent commencement of operation on the exchange in November 2015.In August 2016, we acquired Gold Master, the largest service provider on the Shanghai Gold Exchange in terms of customer trading volume in 2015.

Our Brand

As a leading online provider of spot commodity trading services, we enjoy strong brand recognition in the industry. Based on a survey conducted by Euromonitor in early 2015, the combination of our brands, including Yin Tian Xia, Rong Jin Hui Yin and Jin Xiang Yin Rui, received the highest investor recognition in the industry. Our brand Yin Tian Xia was awarded as one of the “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands 2015“ by World Brand Lab, a leading global brand evaluation institution, as the only award granted in the industry of online spot commodity trading. We also included Da Xiang and Gold Master into our portfolio of brands in 2016, both are well recognized by our customers. We believe that our leading market position and strong brand recognition has created a virtuous circle which reinforced each other, helping us to succeed in this industry.

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