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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We not only strive to provide our customers with professional spot commodity trading services, but also undertake as many social responsibilities as we can to incorporate role of "Corporate Citizen" into every stage of corporate development. We intend to organize and deliver regular, systematic and sustainable corporate social activities to make our brand more meaningful and positive.

Establish Yintech Public Welfare Foundation

Yintech Public Welfare Foundation obtained official certificate for charity organization on October 25, 2016, with three main initiatives: poverty alleviation, disaster relief and assisting students with financial difficulties.

Support Ya'an in the Earthquake

In April 2013, volunteers from Yintech arrived at Ya'an rapidly and successfully delivered relief supplies of about RMB 220,000 to Shuang Shi Town in Ya'an. Moreover, Yintech donated RMB 1,500,000 in total for Ya'an in the earthquake.

Stay with Batang

In July 2014, Yintech held a donation activity, "Stay With Batang", among its employees and raised fund of RMB 177,469.70 which was used to pay the salary of teachers in the HOPE Primary School in Batang and improve their food supply. In September 2014, volunteers from Yintech visited the HOPE Primary School and delivered essential living materials to teachers and students there.

Braille Project

In November 2014, Yintech and Shanghai Cicada Charitable Culture Center organized "Braille Project" for handicapped children. Volunteers from Yintech interacted with deaf children to give them mental support.

Donation for Students in Poverty

In August 2015, Yintech, together with Shanghai Kindness & Wisdom Foundation, organized volunteers to deliver donation of RMB 70,000 to 20 outstanding students in poverty to support them to start campus life.

Care for the Aged

Since establishment, Yintech, together with Shanghai Kindness & Wisdom Foundation, periodically organized volunteers to take care of the aged people at Shanghai Pudong South City Home for the Aged. In addition, volunteers are encouraged to establish one-to-one pairs with the aged to maintain long-term relationship.

Love Plan at Sunny Village

Sunny Village is a charitable organization which raises and educates children on behalf of parents in prison. In April 2015, Yintech initiated its love plan at Sunny Village to take care of these children. This plan includes both donation by Yintech's employees and voluntary workers at Sunny Village.


In 2015, Yintech jointly launched the documentary film "THE VERSE OF US" which documents the life of lower class workers in China. This documentary won "The Golden Goblet Awards" as best documentary in the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival and also attended the world's largest documentary festival, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam ("IDFA").