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Our History

  • May 2011 
  • November 2015 
  • April 2016 
  • August 2016 
  • October 2016 
  • November 2016 
  • July 2017 
  • October 2017 
  • October 2017 
  • Established first subsidiary
  • Expanded operation to the Shanghai Gold Exchange
  • Listed on NASDAQ
  • Further enhanced operation on the Shanghai Gold Exchange by integrating Gold Master
  • Established Yintech Public Welfare Foundation with three main initiatives, namely poverty alleviation, disaster relief and assisting students with financial difficulties
  • Established Financial Innovation Labs in Shanghai and Boston which focus on areas including big data, artificial intelligence and trading strategies
  • Formed a joint venture with SINA to establish securities information software and platform
  • Expanded into overseas securities brokerage business by acquiring Forthright Securities
  • Launched asset management business by acquiring Chunda Asset Management